Sixty years of success and counting. A success which did not happen by sheer coincidence, luck, inheritance or imitation. It all started in 1957 with my unwavering resolve to succeed and strong faith in Kuwait as an oasis of stability fraught with business opportunities.

It is no secret that I have started my journey in the business world having only myself to rely on. Today, the group I am chairing encompasses tens of companies, and is also a shareholder and partner in tens of other companies.
While earning domestic as well as international recognition over the years, our group has unremittingly expanded to encompass multiple business sectors, such as general trading, real estate, finance, hospitality, travel and tourism, engineering and contracting, heavy industry and media and communications.

The story of our success reflects the story of Kuwait’s own success and its resilience in the face of difficult times, despite its small size and limited population. Furthermore, we can fairly say that our path has followed the giant strides achieved by Kuwait under the leadership of our Emirs: their great social, economic and financial achievements during times of peace; their role in defending and leading the country during the occupation; and their wisdom and far-sightedness which achieved the sturdy growth and solid democracy of today’s Kuwait.

“An unfading print on the contribution we make, our success reflects the story of Kuwait’s own success”

Jawad Ahmed Bukhamseen
Founder & Chairman